Orietta Pelizzari

International fashion and consumer good advisor.

Fashion and Market intelligence.

Forecasting and Scouting of exclusive and unique styles and lifestyles.

Ambassadors of Italian Style to global and international moods.

“How existing trends are evolving as consumer needs and desires change. Global trend analysis of the things who will shape the consumer behavior. How consumer locally interpret and apply global trends. “

Branding is storytelling: styles and social attitude with products and the way to live them…..

Matteo Bardi


Art Director, Fashion Expert, Cool Hunter, Fashion Trends Forecaster, University professor for Fashion, Styling and Textile, Entrepreneur.

Creative and intuitive sense to research, define and plan years ahead consuming habits for fashion textile, tanneries, footwear, bags, leather goods and accessories companies.

Constantly on the road on a never ending trip to hunt looks, behaviors, attitudes, visiting exhibitions, fairs and trade show, galleries.

Trusted internationally on fashion style forecasting for industry and consumer trends, reporting to clients inspirational trends to help them carry out their concepts and product strategies.

Fashion journalist related to social media and editorial issues.

Key-note speaker as Creative and Expert in Fashion at International seminars on Italian fashion system, lifestyle forecasting, footwear, bags, accessories goods, textiles, tanneries, and retail scene.

Product development consultancy, for Italian and International companies.

Image Consulting – Art Direction – Stylist – Photographer – Fashion Designer – Business Strategy

email: matteo.bardi@mattori.it
mobile: +39 3381702512
address: via Giuseppe Candiani 23 – 20158 Milano – Italy